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Beyond picking out the right color for your wall or accent pillows for your sofa, the interior design price encompasses so much more! The role of The Burrow is to do the following:

  • Listen and Give right Suggestion & Solutions to there Clients

  • Design computer renderings* of your space for better visualization

  • Effectively manage contractors, electricians, painters and more

  • Source, purchase and arrange installation of products from a large network of stores and furniture designers

 How Much Does Interior Design Cost?

If you’re in the market for finding an interior designer, you’ll see prices and services vary quite a bit. We work on the basic of your comfort and we can charge you on an hourly, per sq.ft. or flat rate. We also take into account project size or charge a commission percentage on the total cost. 

Typically whenever we visit any site the most important answer, a client, is looking for is How much it cost? 

So, from our side its, How much you want to spend on it. To do an area of 1000 sq.ft., Rs. 50,000/- can be more and Rs.10,00,000/- is less. In the age of the DIY internet tutorials and 30-minute home reveals, it’s common to believe interior design cost is easy to figure out, but behind the scenes, the interior design price is made up of several important factors.

  • Designing          - Drawings, 3Ds, Concept

  • Supervision       - Who will Supervise, How many times

  • Scope of Work - Design Consultancy, With Drawing, Turn-Key

  • Quality               - Says it self

  • Working hours  - Some place there is restriction of working hours and many others​

How we Charges?   


The Burrow Interior is flexible for their clients to chose any model as per there comfort.

  • Per Sqft                                     : Its a per sq.ft cost eg. Rs.100/- per sq.ft. for 2000 sq.ft. area total will be Rs.2,00,000/-.

  • Percentage of Overall Cost   : A Total Cost of project is assessed (cost of Labour + material) and a % is fixed on that. Normally this                                                          model works only Consultancy.

  • Markup on Products               : This model work when client wants to buy the materials on his own and a % is fixed on those.

  • A Lump Sum                            : A total cost, specification & finish of the project is told to client and a total cost is decided.

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