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Ways to Decorate Empty Corners

With increasing price of real estate and also with ascending desire of homeowners to decorate each and every corner of their house, the corner furniture are gaining popularity these days. Therefore, one should learn the corner decorating ideas to convert the empty corners of your rooms into creative & functional points!

“An empty corner is like a story waiting to happen, and you are an author.”

Empty corners are mostly found next to a door or window, or beside a piece of furniture, but regardless of where they are located, when it comes to furnishing or decorating a space like these not-so-much used corner spots, it becomes a challenging task! You have to be creative considering beauty and its utility in your mind to be expressed and executed in a smart way.

You can do a lot to retouch or re-decor these silent corners to create smart makeover! It is not always necessary to modify each & every corner of your home. There are easy & inexpensive ways to reuse your wasted space & transform them into an attractive functional area with decorative and innovative design statement. By adopting these corner storage solutions, you will be able to make use of all types of room corner by adding innovative corner furniture as well as creative wall decors without impacting overall decor of your interior. You can just revise some of them & give a new look to your home interior. So, to make your task easier, we have provided some of ideas here to choose from for designing the creative corner…

Create a Gallery Wall Corner

A gallery wall in the target corner helps the line of space to disappear. For creating a bigger impact, choose your artwork to be displayed properly blending varied shapes, size and texture.

You can cover your corner walls with a framed family pictures or with handmade paintings, mirrors, or artistic frames. A beautiful gallery created on a blank corner wall gives the eye-catching & monochromatic display. You can also try a piece of a styled chair with an impressive cushion along with a pendant lamp from the ceiling.

Add Sectional Sofa

Just this small placement and you will get to enjoy a creative corner instantly. You will feel happy too that you have perfectly utilized the corner of the living room. It not only provides enough seating space for the people but it will help you to create more space in your room and the corner will look cozy and compact.

There are four common configurations for sectional sofas, though there are plenty of sectionals nowadays that are versatile and can be rearranged however you’d like.

a. Chaise Sectionals

b. L-Shaped Sectionals

c. U-Shaped Sectionals

d. Pit Sectionals

One can use any of it, as per there requirement.

Create a Reading Spot in the Corner Space