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The Burrow interior Home design


Once upon a time, there was a family of rabbits who lived in a cozy little BURROW deep in the forest. They loved their home, but over time, they realized that they needed to make some changes to their interior to better suit their needs.

The youngest rabbit, a curious and inventive one, decided to take on the task of redesigning their BURROW. She spent weeks researching and drawing up plans, taking into consideration the needs of each family member.

Finally, the day came when they were ready to begin the renovation. The young rabbit led the way, directing her siblings on where to dig and how to create the different rooms and spaces she had designed.

As they worked, they discovered new ideas and ways to make their home even more comfortable and functional. They added hidden storage spaces for their food, cozy nooks for reading and resting, and even a small garden area where they could grow their own vegetables.

The family was thrilled with their new interior, and they spent many happy days and nights enjoying their improved BURROW. Word of their clever design soon spread throughout the forest, and other animals began seeking out their advice on how to improve their own homes.

In the end, the young rabbit realized that her true passion was in interior design, and she went on to become the most sought-after designer in the forest. But she never forgot her humble beginnings, and continued to visit her family in their cozy BURROW, which remained a beloved and beautiful home for generations to come.

Our Process

 Indian Chai


Meet our designer

Schedule a meeting with your dedicated Designer and discuss your requirements alongside your budget

Stone Balancing


Collaborate on Ideas

Based on the design choice, final design drawings and schematic presentations are made.

Building Planning


Design & envision

Based on the design choice, final design drawings and schematic presentations are made. Along with high resolution renders of the interior design scheme for better clarity of the design intent beforehand.

Steel foundations


Get it executed

Get your project executed by our expert team that are capable of handling large and complex projects end-to-end


"The team puts their heart and soul into the design. Beautiful use of open spaces with subtle colours and light. Complete turnaround of the living space."
I've worked with Mitesh and The Burrow twice now for building two of my office spaces. That I came back to him a second time is enough endorsement. One space was a traditional office space and the other a modern cozy one. He did a fantastic job with both. On time, good quality and taste. His experience helped with a lot of choices too. Highly recommended! Would come back a third time :)
They have finished renovating an apartment for us in Gurgaon. We highly recommend them for interior design and execution.

Varun Agrawal/New Delhi

Rishav Rastogi/ Gurugram

Prarthana Gupta/Gurugram

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