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The Burrow interior Home design


Founder, Mitesh Poddar was a successful realtor who had been in the business for over 20 years. He was known for his ability to find his clients the perfect homes/offices, but he always felt that there was something missing.

He wanted to be able to do more than just help them find a house; he wanted to help them create a home. Mitesh had always had an eye for design. He loved to look at spaces and imagine how they could be transformed into beautiful and inviting spaces. He also enjoyed helping his friends and family with their home/office decorating projects.

One day, MP was talking to a client about their space search. The client was looking for a fixer-upper, but they were worried about being able to make the necessary renovations. MP realized that this was an opportunity for him to use his design skills to help his clients.

He offered to help the client with their renovations. He worked with them to create a budget and a plan for the renovations. He also helped them to choose the right materials and finishes.

The client was thrilled with the results of the renovations. They loved the way that Mitesh's Team had transformed their space into a beautiful and inviting space.

MP's experience with this client helped him to realize that there was a real demand for his design services. He decided to incorporate interior design into his real estate business.

He started by offering his design services to his existing clients. He quickly found that many of them were interested in his help. He also started to attract new clients who were looking for a realtor who could also help them with their space decorating projects.

Our Process

 Indian Chai


Meet our designer

Schedule a meeting with your dedicated Designer and discuss your requirements alongside your budget

Stone Balancing


Collaborate on Ideas

Based on the design choice, final design drawings and schematic presentations are made.

Building Planning


Design & envision

Based on the design choice, final design drawings and schematic presentations are made. Along with high resolution renders of the interior design scheme for better clarity of the design intent beforehand.

Steel foundations


Get it executed

Get your project executed by our expert team that are capable of handling large and complex projects end-to-end


Mitesh and Kanika , you guys are amazing. You have transformed our house into a stunning and functional space, exceeding our expectations. your attention to detail, creative ideas, and dedication to our vision have resulted in a home that truly reflects our style and personality. We are incredibly satisfied with your work and highly recommend your services to anyone seeking exceptional interior design.
I found Mitesh & team very passionate about there work. They have great sense of interior designs. The team is responsive and focused. They are well skilled and knowledgeable. Last but not the least the team is not money minded unlike other interior designer I'd come across.
Our experience with The Burrow Interior, which began in January 2022, was spearheaded by the commendable team of Mitesh Ji, Kanika Mam, and Rajesh Ji, along with their adept execution crew spanning all interior design departments. Despite our remote purchase of a flat in Gurgaon from Pune, Mitesh Ji’s commitment to top-notch quality and ethical transparency was evident.

Amit Sharma/Gurugram

Aarti Rana/ Mandi - Delhi

Shallabh Dixitt/Gurugram

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